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AMMO MASK Reusable Erbsenmuster

Masque Lavable réutilisable Ammo of Mig

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Ammo of Mig 8067

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A.MIG-8067Erbsenmuster AMMO Face Mask

This famous WWII camouflage pattern consists of five colours and was allegedly designed by Johann Georg Otto Schick based on the Eichenlaubmuster, or oak leaf pattern. It was first used by the Waffen-SS in 1944. 

We at AMMO have decided to include this very distinctive historical pattern in our collection of reusable hygienic protective masks.


With all the quality features and safety certificates in accordance with the UE standard UNE 0065:2020 for reusable adult hygienic masks. 


Laboratory certificate AEROSOL filtration efficiency >95%.

Laboratory certificate PARTICLES filtration efficiency >94%.

Outer layer: 86 g Waterproof & antibacterial - 100% Polyester.

Inner layer: 135 g Comfort Line Plus 100% Polyester. Reusable, Machine-washable at 60 ºC and up to 20 washing cycles

WARNING: This mask is not a medical device according to Directive 93/42.