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IDF Uniforms Color Set

Set Ammo of Mig

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Ammo of Mig 7030

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A.MIG-7030 IDF Uniforms
Acrylic colours set for figures. 4 jars 17mL

This set includes 4 colours for painting the infantry uniforms used today by the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). The colours have been selected through rigorous research of period uniforms, allowing you to accurately paint the base tones of uniforms, add highlights, and enhance details.

Includes the colours:

  • AMMO.F-503 Dark Olive Green
  • AMMO.F-504 Yellow Green
  • AMMO.F-506 Medium Russian Green
  • AMMO.F- Uniform Green Base

The AMMO range of acrylic paints for figures has been designed to make your painting sessions a more enjoyable experience thanks to the speed and simplicity of use. Our colour range suitable for all techniques make the best results more accessible to all modellers.

All the colours in the range can be mixed with the full range of AMMO by Mig Jimenez acrylic colours. They adapt perfectly to the traditional techniques of painting in layers or wet pallet blending as well as new mixed techniques. Each colour is suitable for both brush and airbrush application. These acrylics are water-soluble and formulated to be safe and non-toxic.